Food Palace Cafe Success Story

Food Palace Cafe Success Story

The Customer

Food Palace Café provides exceptional value take-ways fish and chips food. Food Palace Café is based in Mafikeng North West and is one of a well-known café in Mafikeng CBD. 

The Challenge

Taking inventory is vital for keeping food and beverages costs down.  Food Palace Cafe relied on the manual taking stock process, and one of their most significant challenges was in controlling food cost and improving profitability.

The Solution

Vogsphere Pty Ltd addressed the challenges that Food Palace Café was having by implementing a Point of Sale system for tracking the inventory accurately. The Point of Sale improved order accuracy, overall savings, and employee morale and customer satisfaction.

Their Results with Vogsphere Point of Sale

Once the expectations were set, the wait staff at Food Palace Cafe began to love the Vogsphere Point of Sale system. A few aspects of the POS solution that Refilwe (Café Manager) and her staff bragged about are:

  • The onsite and remote support her café received from Vogsphere Pty Ltd.
  • The patient customer service that Refilwe (Café Manager) and her team received, as they hate talking to techy-types that talk over their heads. Refilwe (Café Manager) and her staff appreciate the user-friendly nature of the POS system and support.         

 “I love how everything is more streamlined, and I love how great at recording data Vogsphere Point of Sale is. I ran and managed the Cafe, and I can now get my reports every morning online. I don’t have to be at the Cafe, to see what’s going on, and I can remote in and change things like menu pricing” said Refilwe, General Manager.

With Vogsphere Point of Sale, Refilwe (Café Manager) and her staff can easily track sales, discounts, voids, paid-outs, punch in and punch out by staff. Their new POS system makes it easy to see if there’s theft, and it helps Refilwe (Café Manager) manage her Café without any issues and at any location.

Why they would recommend Vogsphere Point of Sale

 “I look at sales, transaction reports, login and logout reports, and discount reports. I can look at that with each location, and get a good handle on coupons on everything without stepping into the store. The service and product are amazing” Refilwe, Cafe General Manager.

Benefits for your Business

Vogsphere Point of Sale can save you time and money by automating your inventory and help your managers; staff operates more efficiently and intimately improve quality of service.