Technologies for Groundwater Quality Monitoring

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Access to clean and Potable water is a significant challenge to most rural communities of South Africa. Studies have revealed that groundwater, the primary source of drinking water is not fit for human consumption in some rural areas due to a high concentration of certain elements. The water from groundwater sources is distributed directly to communities without any purification or regular water quality monitoring. Some rural areas have mostly relied on groundwater for domestic and agricultural use due to the recent reports of water shortages in South Africa. A scalable and flexible model developed as part of this research will respond quickly to change and will assist with the monitoring of the quality of the groundwater from the boreholes. In this research, we proposed technologies that could be used to build a model to analyse the physical and chemical constituents that highly contaminate groundwater, the primary source of drinking water in Mpumalanga province. The quantitative research method was used to determine the chemical constituents that highly contaminated groundwater supplied by the boreholes in the rural communities.

Mahwayi, M.P. & Joseph, M.K. 2016. Technologies for groundwater quality monitoring in rural areas, ICIDA’16, STH, UJ, South Africa.

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